I have always liked St.Bernard dogs. My new occupation as a country cottage owner has demanded one.After a long search an opportunity finally appeared and I bought my first welp. It could not have another name than Bary. It was in 1979. My life joined then with St. Bernard dogs apparently for ever. My ever - growing interest in this beautiful breed led me to the idea of establishing a breeding station. It happened in 1983. Several generations of bitches have changed since the establishment of the breeding station "Od Sliačanky". 154  welps have been born. I have always kept to my line which i revitalize by suitable covering or by copleting in the form of new individuals. The conditions that has to be met is that they must always have predecessors from my breed. Puppies from my breedind station have achieved much success at exhibitions and have also established a good reputation for me in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and the former Yugoslavia. Nowadays, I have three bitches at my breeding station. I am a fourder-member of an independent Breeders´ Club of St. Bernard Dogs in Slovakia. From 1.10.2005 I hold the post of President of Club after four years as a Club Secretary.